What does JaGNum do?

Solution Optimisation

Expert problem solving is the soul of JaGNum. Using a wide range of numerical expertise, we compile algorithms from scratch to engineer into bespoke solutions. We hide complexity of the mathematics for ease, yet work transparently, allowing you to comprehend basics of how your problem is solved & how your algorithm works for expert implementations.

Specialised in the development of bespoke solutions to numerical, logical & analytical problems

We have spent decades using our mathematical abilities to create equations that discover & optimise answers for research at the highest academic level. With a wealth of experience integrating with industry, we help you discover the hidden facts & optimal solutions for your business & research needs.

Data Visualisation

The novelties of complex data interpretations can hinder even the most successful analyses & modelling. While we scrub the data & transform it, the final tune up is the creation of factual visual story of the data, problem & solution to explore all sides of the ideas at hand.

From raw results, less the complex jargon, to simple insightful & exploratory visualisations

We already know the battle creating informative visualtions form complex problems, yet we show our successes in our ever-growing list of academic publications. This is brought through to you, creating clear & concise visualisations ready for internal or external use.

Forecast Modelling

Our forecasting of movements for values & parameters suit applications for many business applications. Our complex methodologies still allow for the importing user knowledge & expertise, thus boosting the numerical techniques creating the most adaptable bespoke models.

Assessing present data & predicting the future with fitted numerical models

Defining how events & parameters can shape the future is key for all business & research. Don't let ou accesibility to business fool you, our modelling ability remains powerful using bleeding edge deep learning techniques, to discover the deepest insights from high-level academic research problems too!

Simple Statistics

Statistics & decision making go hand-in-hand in modern life. The misinterpretation of statistical data is a problem faced even by academia, which is why we have created an ethos of removing the need for statistical prowess so all are able to digest our inferences & interpretations.

Maintaining simplicity for a user-friendly approach even while applying complex statistical analysis

While inherently our methods are complex, we allow our services to remain straightforward during the development process. You come to us to discover & understand the final answer, while we battle & breakdown the complexities of the how, what & why.

Code Breaking

Bits, bytes & broken data. In our new digital age, data can be more challenging than the problem itself! We are experienced in cleaning up of data via code & programming it into digestable structures, ready for immediate usage.

Using an agnostic approach to shape data into utilisable form for integration & consumption

We can help improve pre-existing solutions with our knowledge using an almost unlimited array of programming languages like Python, R, & MatLab or even more niche frameworks or creating fresh new solutions fit for purpose, from simple dashboards to interactive GUI applications.

Think Tank

All members have, or are working towards, being a Doctor in their STEM discipline. With our abilities chiselled by years of academia, across high level abstract physics to applied statistics for industry partners, our combined might across the sciences creates the perfect environment for problem solving for business & research needs.

Combining raw logic & abstract thought to create a perfect problem solving environment

Our ability to think, is not limited to merely application for numerical problems. As a think tank, we can help define your own ideas into tangible real-world problems, with an accompanying solution! Whether that’s research direction, business analysis or something more abstract, we turn your thoughts into action.

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