A Numerical Company

Breaking numerical puzzles into simple solutions

Near every problem is founded in mathematics & that's problematic. As a duo of fresh mathematical doctors, we discovered our passion was using our mathematical abilities built over the academic years to conquer such problems, yet we wanted to do this with a straightforward approach without the barriers of formalities; thus JaGNum was born.

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As a stream-lined mathematical consultancy, JaGNum gives expert insight to create optimal solutions to a wide range of business & research problems. From data analysis models & statistical forecasts to accelerate business decisions, or designing & researching complex studies, or even more abstract experiments of thought, bespoke problem solving is at the core of JaGNum.

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JaGNum Ltd

Skills & Services

Data Analytics

Revealing & visualising the secrets of your data

Research Design

Structuring novel explorations for academia & industry

Optimised Solutions

Discovering solutions to complex bespoke problems

Statistical Modelling

Probabilistic analysis of your past, present & future

Business Acceleration

Amplifying development throughout the business lifecycle

Numerical Analysis

Number crunching our way to clear answers

Software Development

Creating & augmenting computational algorithms

Think Tank

Thinking through raw & abstract logic to create & decipher

Mathematical Training

Breaking down complex numerical & STEM knowledge