A Numerical Company

Near every problem is founded in mathematics & that's problematic. As a duo of fresh mathematical doctors, we combined our passion for solving mathematical problems with our straightforward approach without the barriers of formalities to create JaGNum.

Breaking Numerical Puzzles Into Simple Solutions

As a stream-lined mathematical consultancy, JaGNum leverages your data into expert insight to create optimal solutions to your business & research problems. From data analysis & statistical forecasts to accelerate business decisions, or the designing & researching of complex studies, bespoke problem solving is at the core of JaGNum.

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Jordan A. Parry

BSc (Hons), PGDip, PhD, MIMA


Liam P. Grimmett

MMath, PhD, FRSS

Skills & Services

Data Analytics

Wrangling, understanding & interpreting your data

Business Optimisation

Leveraging solutions directly to influence business KPIs

Statistical Modelling

Probabilistic reporting of your past, present & future

Research Design

Structuring research for explorations in innovation

Software Solutions

Developing from source code to simple user interface

Think Tank

Using our mathematical brains for more abstract problems

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