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Near every problem is founded in mathematics & that's problematic. After finishing our mathematical doctorates, we realised that our passion was using our academic & numerical abilities to conquer such problems; thus JaGNum was born.

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Operating as a stream-lined mathematical consultancy, JaGNum gives expert insight to create optimal solutions to a wide variety of problems with ranging numerical complexity. From optimising data analysis models & visualising forecasts to researching complex algorithms, bespoke problem solving is at the core of JaGNum.

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Solution Optimisation

Specialised in the development of bespoke solutions to numerical, logical & analytical problems

Data Visualisation

From raw results, less the complex jargon to simple insightful & exploratory visualisations

Forecast Modelling

Assessing present data & predicting the future with fitted numerical models

Simple Statistics

Maintaining simplicity for a user-friendly approach even while applying complex statistical analysis

Code Breaking

Using an agnostic approach to shape data into utilisable form for integration & consumption

Think Tank

Combining raw logic & abstract thought to create a perfect problem solving environment

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